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The HSA PPO is about making smart health care decisions. You are the consumer, so you should make the buying decisions. The plan provides the tools and resources to help you.

The HSA PPO starts with comprehensive benefits

From routine preventive care to specialized procedures to emergency care and more, covered benefits are the core of any plan. You pay a lower premium in exchange for a higher deductible. That way, you don't pay as much if you need fewer services.

Encourages you to improve your health condition

Take advantage of the 100% covered in-network preventive care benefit. When you identify illnesses and conditions early, it's easier and less costly to treat, and the outcomes are better.

The plan also comes with a myriad of programs to help you focus on your health — including programs to help you stay well and programs to help you return to better health.

Gives you more ways to choose quality care

The plan has a broad network of doctors and hospitals with the option to go outside the network. Use the many tools available on — like the cost estimator, hospital comparison tool, and DocFind® directory and provider details — to help shop around. When using DocFind, look for the blue stars that indicate high-performance specialists.

Includes a fund - the Health Savings Account through HealthEquity (HSA administrator) - to help pay your share of the costs

The plan comes with a special account called the Health Savings Account (HSA).  The HSA allow you to contribute pre-tax monies from your paycheck to fund your high deductible.  In addition VMware will make a contribution to this account as soon as administratively practical in 2018.

The IRS allows enrollees in the HSA PPO plan to fund their HSA with pre-tax monies up to certain calendar year limit.  As long as you use these funds to pay for out of pocket medical expenses, all monies in this account including any earnings growth is tax free.

You decide whether you want to pay for these expenses using your HSA account or save it for future medical expenses during retirement.

If you enroll in the HSA PPO, VMware will also make annual contribution towards your account.  This lowers the amount of you need to pay for first dollar coverage under the deductible. If you don't use your HSA monies in any calendar year it is your money to keep even if you leave the company.  As long as you remain in the plan, you can add to this account each year based on IRS limits and grow this money in an investment account for future medical care expenses

Go to the "How it Works" page to continue learning more about the plan.

For more information, refer to the HSA PPO summary of benefits [PDF].

How it Works - Snapshot

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Benefits Advisor
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