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Is the HSA PPO the right choice for you, and your family?

Depending on your family's needs, the HSA PPO may strike an appealing balance between managing out-of-pocket costs and premium savings. Ultimately, you should choose the HSA PPO based on your understanding of expected health care expenses, your tolerance for risk, and your preference for assuming a greater level of control over how you spend your health benefit dollars.

Think about enrolling in the HSA PPO if you want:

  • The freedom to use any health care provider.
  • The ability to visit specialists without getting referrals.
  • The option to save money by using network providers.
  • Preventive care from in-network providers covered at 100 percent.
  • Control over how your health care dollars are spent.
  • A Health Savings Account (HSA) that helps to meet your deductible and that can build up for future expenses if you spend wisely and remain in the plan.
  • Consider saving the difference in paycheck contributions between the HSA PPO and Traditional PPO plan into your Health Savings Account (HSA).

Resources to help you decide

Comparison Tool
The Plan Selection & Cost Estimator is an interactive decision-support tool designed to assist you in making your plan elections. 

Estimate what health care services might cost in the coming year. These estimates factor in the:

  • Recommended preventive medical care for each family member, based on their age and gender
  • Average cost of medical services needed for each person

Side-by-side health plan comparisons.

  • The amount you’ll contribute from your paycheck
  • How much you may pay out of pocket next year
  • The value of health care services covered, including preventive care

If you’re already an Aetna plan member and registered on the Aetna Navigator® website, some information will be preloaded on the tool ‒ your name and address, and past 12 months of your claims information. This helps you plan more realistically for the types of medical services you might need in the year ahead.

On average it takes about 15 minutes to go through the tool from beginning to end.

Log in to the tool from Aetna Navigator on your secure website. When prompted to select Aetna plans applicable to VMware, Inc., choose one of the following:

  • “Aetna Choice POSII 90/70” for the Traditional PPO
  • Traditional Choice® (TC) for the Out of Area plan
  • “Aetna HDHP Open Access® Managed Choice® POS II” for the HSA PPO

Educational Tool
Benefits Advisor is an interactive educational tool that provides easy-to-understand guidance through the process of selecting a plan option. The tool is customized with VMware-specific plan options, so you can compare features, benefits, and costs.

A virtual advisor named “Alex” will help you by asking a series of questions about your health care needs, lifestyle, financial status and other aspects to help you consider what type of health plan you may need.  Alex then uses the answers to suggest the best health plan option for you. The results are provided online and e-mailed to you. [The information you supply is never stored and is only shared with you.]

You can access the online tool any time that is convenient for you, go through the process at your own pace, review any information, and look at other plan options. On average it takes about 25 minutes to go through the tool from beginning to end.

How it Works - Snapshot

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See how the plan works at-a-glance.

What's Your Scenario?

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