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The HSA PPO provides a suite of interactive services to help you.

Aetna Navigator secure member website

After you enroll in the HSA PPO, you can register on Aetna Navigator for around-the-clock access to tools, programs, discounts, and more — everything you need to make informed choices and get the most out of your plan. Log on — anytime, 24/7 — at

Here's what you can do on Aetna Navigator:

Review your benefits information

  • See who is covered under your plan
  • View and track your deductible and progress toward your coinsurance limit
  • Review your HSA account balance at
  • View Explanation of Benefits statements
  • Pull up a summary of the plan

Perform transactions

  • Download and print standard Aetna forms
  • Download a digital ID card
  • Send a secure email to Member Services

Look up network doctors and hospitals
Find network providers, including doctors, specialists, non-physician specialists, labs, hospitals, and more using Aetna’s DocFind directory.

Research health information

  • Healthwise® Knowledgebase – Includes A to Z health topics available in English and Spanish. You can click a body part to see what a symptom might mean. Or look up an unfamiliar health term to learn more about it.
  • Interactive streaming videos – Learn about specific health topics like Asthma or Healthy Heart.

Use tools to manage your health care
When you need health care, it pays to know before you go—especially when your share of the cost is a percentage of the total. Visit Aetna Navigator to access these tools:

  • Member Payment Estimator – Search for and compare actual costs for common procedures, treatments and doctors' services. Your deductible and coinsurance are factored in, so you get a real-time cost based on your actual plan.*
  • Hospital Comparison Tool – Compare outcomes at hospitals in your area.
  • Price-a-Drug tool – See how much a prescription will cost. Use that information to work with your doctor to find less-costly, but equally effective alternatives.

*Estimated costs not available in all markets. The tool provides an estimate of what would be owed for a particular service based on the plan at that very point in time. Actual costs may differ from an estimate if, for example, claims for other services are processed after the estimate is provided but before the claim for this service is submitted. Or, if the doctor or facility performs a different service at the time of the visit. HMO members can only look up estimated costs for doctor and outpatient facility services.

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Member Services

Call Member Services at 1-855-521-6853, anytime. The phone number appears on your ID card for easy reference.

  • Ask questions about your HSA PPO benefits and coverage.
  • Find out more about the plan.

You can also connect to Aetna from your cell phone, smartphone or other web-enabled mobile device. Download the free Aetna mobile app, or visit on any web-enabled phone.

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24/7 Aetna Informed Health Line

When it’s not possible to talk to your own doctor about a health problem or question, you can talk to an Aetna Informed Health Line nurse – anytime, 24/7. Once you're an Aetna member, call 1-800-556-1555 to speak directly with a registered nurse, who can help you:

  • Answer health-related questions
  • Help you decide if you have an emergency
  • Tell you about simple steps you can take to address a health problem or question until you can get to your doctor
  • Help you better understand health issues and treatment choices
  • Help you communicate better with your doctor

You can also browse an Audio Health Library to listen privately to information on more than 2,000 health topics. Then connect to a nurse at any time during the call.

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DocFind is an online directory accessible from Aetna Navigator. You can search for a particular doctor, specialist or facility (such as a hospital, lab or urgent care center) in your area. Not yet an Aetna member? You can access the public version of the DocFind directory.

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Simple Steps To A Healthier Life

The Simple Steps To A Healthier Life program helps you find out what your health risks are and address them. Start by completing a health assessment, which asks questions about your health and lifestyle habits.

Based on your answers, you'll get a personalized Action Plan summarizing your health risks. You’ll also get a list of recommend online Healthy Living programs or tools designed to help you reduce your health risks or maintain good health.

The Simple Steps and Healthy Living programs are secure, convenient and private. Choose the programs, tools and information that are right for you.

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Aetna Health ConnectionsSM

Diabetes, asthma, migraines, heart disease… chances are, someone in your family may have a condition that needs extra attention. The Aetna Health Connections disease management nurses are specially trained in 35 different diseases and conditions to:

  • Answer your health-related questions
  • Make sure you understand your doctor's orders
  • Offer tips to help you stick with the treatment plan

The program is designed to help you better understand your health conditions and to complement your doctor’s advice and treatment plan. The average participation time in the program is three to 12 months, but you may stay active in the program for as long as you need help managing a condition.

Based on your health assessment answers, your Simple Steps Action Plan may recommend that you participate in the Aetna Health Connections program. A message will be sent to the program and someone may call to invite you to participate. If you decide to join, you will be assigned a nurse consultant who will work with you via telephone to develop and follow-through on a personal action plan.

But you don’t have to wait to be asked. If you know you need help, call Member Services at 1-877-204-9186 to learn about and get started in the program. Or, learn more about this and other programs when you register on Aetna Navigator at

Participating in the program is entirely voluntary and confidential. It’s your decision – and if you do participate, any information you share is kept strictly confidential and not shared with VMware.

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Beginning Right Maternity Program

Give babies a healthy start with the Beginning Right Maternity Program. Aetna members who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant can call 1-800-272-3531 to sign up. Or, learn more about this and other programs when you register on Aetna Navigator at

You'll get educational materials for mothers and fathers-to-be, a pregnancy risk survey, and more. There's also a preterm labor program and trained nurse case managers for high-risk pregnancies. The service is available in English and Spanish. All information shared with the program is kept strictly confidential.

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Discount Programs

Register on Aetna Navigator at to learn about and take advantage of discounts on products and services that are not typically covered by your health plan:

  • Aetna VisionSM discounts: Save on eyeglasses, contact lenses and solutions, LASIK and other eye-care services and accessories.

  • Aetna FitnessSM Program: Savings include fitness club memberships, exercise videos and home exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers.

  • Aetna Natural Products and ServicesSM program: Save on alternative health care services and natural products like:

    • Massage therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Chiropractic care
    • Dietetic counseling
    • Aromatherapy
    • Vitamins and health supplements

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Compare Plans

Plan Selection and Cost Estimator Tool
Help with comparing features, benefits, and costs based on actual claim experience.

Benefits Advisor
An interactive educational tool providing easy-to-understand guidance through the process of selecting a plan option. 

How it Works - Snapshot

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See how the plan works at-a-glance.

What's Your Scenario?

Individual and family needs differ—click on the scenario that matches your situation.

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